We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 24 - A spotlight on Alexa Gantous

A spotlight on Alexa Gantous

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A spotlight on Alexa Gantous

05 Apr, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 24 - A spotlight on Alexa Gantous
“Sound gives us a power to connect, I like to think of it as a gateway to consciousness.”
Alexa Gantous is a creative strategist focused on ecological innovation and cultural systems change. Having studied design strategies & environmental studies at university, she became aware very early on that she wanted to apply her learnings to the wider environment. After finishing formal education, Alexa worked at Parley for the Oceans where she continued to connect her passion for the environment with design and the artistic world. She is the host of trashtalk*studio, a podcast exploring the emotional, cultural and spiritual dimensions of ecological consciousness, and is also the co-founder of LitterRally, a mobile trash pickup dance party that began in the streets of Brooklyn, NY.

In talking about her latest passion project, Suena, Alexa describes it as a chance to create serenades to nature through music. In collaboration with Splice, the first series of Suena sonically mapped four of the most important urban spaces around Mexico City as a way of offering tribute to each location and getting to know it from a different perspective. The series starts in Xochimilco, a UNESCO World Heritage site and the last remnant of the vast water transport and agricultural system built by the Aztecs. It has been recognised as an essential ecosystem for increasing the city’s climate resilience and keeping the local temperature down by as much as 2 degrees.

In speaking with Alexa, it’s easy to see how she has developed a natural ability to bring people together to create deep synergies, evidenced by her work with Suena. We all live in a world that is incredibly visual, yet sometimes we forget to actually listen and become numb to the sounds around us — especially from nature which has so much wisdom to share with us. For Alexa, Suena is almost like a piece of poetry.

For many years, spirituality has been a big part of Alexa’s life. At 22, she took up yoga and has been firmly committed to the practice ever since, so much so that she now struggles to separate spirituality from the rest of life. For her, the relationship between mind and body is crucial, and we should all have a greater awareness of what we eat and where that food is grown so we can better connect with the land. As she has grown, Alexa speaks openly about how as a person you become increasingly open to feeling and less numb — from the mind to her heart, it helps to ground her and bring her back to earth.

To find out more about Alexa and the wonderful projects she’s working on, listen to episode 24 of We Walk The Earth — available wherever you listen to podcasts.

To find out more about Alexa and her projects, check out the latest episode of We Walk The Earth.

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