We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 30 - Daniel Lofredo Rota

A spotlight on Daniel Lofredo Rota

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A spotlight on Daniel Lofredo Rota

29 Jun, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 30 - Daniel Lofredo Rota
Episode 30 of We Walk The Earth sees host Sergio Isauro joined by Ecuadorian musician and fellow podcaster, Daniel Lofredo Rota.
Founder of Sonido Perdido, Daniel is no stranger to the podcast scene, having dedicated almost 10 years of his life to projects that have contributed to his podcast series.

Translated as “lost sound,” the Sonido Perdido podcast series follows Daniel as he uncovers the music and story behind his grandfather who was a music producer during the 1960’s, something that Daniel and his family were unaware of until his grandfather's passing. The eight-part series sees Danieluncover tapes discovered under stacks of newspapers that his grandfather left behind. The podcast’s subsequent audio journey offers a timeless yet thoughtfully put together folk-music from various musicians that Daniel’s grandfather worked with.

It wasn’t just the podcast itself that caught the ear of We Walk The Earth. While the tapes were discovered in 2014, the podcast itself wasn’t released on Spotify until May 2022. This 8-year long wait for publication offers a unique insight into Daniel’s own journey and the personal experiences he encountered along the way.

Reflecting on his past, Daniel shares how for years, he associated the legacy of his grandfather with a type of toxic masculinity, mediated through the effects that left on his mother. However, by working through the tapes and understanding more of who his grandfather was through his music, Daniel explains how he has come to a better understanding of how transgenerational dynamics developed and shaped culture and society at the time. He believes it was this work that supported him in understanding his own masculinity.

From 2014 to 2019, Daniel laid the foundations of Sonido Perdido as he worked through the discovered tapes, however he explains that a lot of his time was also spent looking deeply into the relationships in his life and figuring out who he was and who he wanted to be. Looking back on his healing process, Daniel explains how amazing it was that he had art and music there with him along the way.

It wasn’t until 2019 that he felt like his efforts on the project alongside the personal healing process finally aligned. “Things flowed faster,” he says, before going on to explain just how synchronised the two processes became. Suddenly everything changed for him. One morning, he ended a personal relationship that had run its course, and by the afternoon was offered his first record deal. “It was cosmic,” he explains. Everything clicked “as soon as I looked at my own life and I had clear space.”

“The wounds that my grandfather left behind in the psychology of my family are wounds that affected me. But if those wounds hadn’t affected me like they did, then I wouldn’t have been the one that would go on to do the work to try and heal them. It’s like a snake eating its tail; you don’t know what’s the beginning and what’s the end of the story.”

After working on his healing process, it took Daniel and his team three years to research and produce the project, and it wasn’t until 2022, Sonido Perdido was officially launched.

Fast forward to 2023 and Daniel’s latest project — Canal Confidente — is another podcast. This time, however, the content is less personal to Daniel’s own story, and instead focuses on the lives of his listeners.

The project offers a hotline for people to send in anonymous secrets which are then played over ambient music to other listeners. Daniel explains how it’s all about sharing something that you’ve kept to yourself or wanted to get off your chest, but with total anonymity, in a safe space, where no details are shared and no comments made. It’s a Spanish version of “The Secrets Hotline” which is a series from “Love + Radio” by Nick van der Kolk — someone that Daniel admires and will be working with in collaboration for the project.

Whilst the two projects Sonido Perdido and Canal Confidente offer very different stories and audience engagement, it’s clear that Daniel has a passion for storytelling, whether it’s through facilitating other peoples’ stories, or by sharing his own. He explains how he sees a lot of value in storytelling, and it is something he’s been exploring with his music for quite some time.

Despite not knowing of his grandfather's history in music for a very long time, Daniel has been a producer and musician for over 10 years. Producing and performing under the alias Quixosis, he has built a recognisable name for himself in the electronic music scene, and has collaborated with music broadcasters such as “Boiler Room” and international media organisations including “TED”.

Listen to episode 30 of We Walk The Earth "Music, Art and Podcasting: Imprints of an Artists Time with Daniel Lofredo Rota [Sonido Perdido]" to find out more about Daniel Lofredo Rota, his podcasts, storytelling and music as Quixosis.

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