We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 37 - Huaira

A spotlight on Huaira

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A spotlight on Huaira

04 Oct, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 37 - Huaira
Huaira, originally hailing from Ecuador, has seamlessly embraced a life marked by perpetual travel.
Her innate adaptability and free-spirited nature have led her to explore the world extensively. She carries with her a profound sense of gratitude for the opportunity to witness the beauty of diverse landscapes and cultures.

With family and friends scattered across the globe, she has been fortunate to find welcoming homes wherever her adventures take her. Yet, amid the transient rhythm of her life, Huaira now yearns for something more—a place to call home, a sanctuary with familiar gardens and plants to call her own.

A seasoned musician and creative soul, Huaira's connection to the creative cosmos is deeply personal, intricately woven into her journey as a mother and as a woman embracing her unique space and time.

Despite the physical miles that separate her from her children, the profound connection she shares with them remains unyielding, etched over the years through tender care and unwavering support. She recalls with fondness her son's unwavering confidence in her return—a testament to the strength of their bond.

Releasing new music poses a distinctive challenge for Huaira, who acknowledges the significance of crafting a space to unveil music bearing profound personal significance. She grasps the transformative power it wields, not only for herself but also for the souls who lend their ears to her melodies.

Her creative process flows with the grace of a dance, where melodies guide her towards lyrical expressions that often traverse unexpected territories, unearthing topics she hadn't consciously intended to explore. It stands as a testament to the innate and fluid nature of her artistic journey.

Huaira's voyage has also encompassed the act of sharing her musical expertise through singing lessons. This role naturally sprouted from her innate ability to touch the hearts of others with her songs. It's an endeavour that has yielded unforeseen personal growth and gratification, revealing hidden talents in those she mentors.

In the eloquent words of Huaira herself, our lives are an everlasting creation. Whether conveyed through art, music, or the gentle rhythm of our breath, each inhalation and exhalation crafts and reshapes the narrative of our existence.

To find out more about Huaira, listen now to Episode 37 of We Walk The Earth: “Songs of Life, Purpose and Creation with Huaira.”

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