We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 32 - Jose Pablo Fernandez

A spotlight on Jose Pablo Fernandez

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Guest Spotlight

A spotlight on Jose Pablo Fernandez

26 Jul, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 32 - Jose Pablo Fernandez
While distance between individuals was once measured exclusively in kilometres or miles, our connected world has all but removed geographic location as a barrier to connection, and We Walk The Earth’s latest guest is a testament to that.
Despite living over 2,600km from host Sergio Isauro, certified permaculture designer and eco village enthusiast Jose Pablo Fernandez joined the podcast in our latest episode to discuss all things environment.

Born and raised in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, Jose now resides on the Caribbean coast, a place he calls his favourite and “true” home. From a young age, Jose felt a calling to study natural medicine, envisioning a future working as a massage therapist in the city. However, it didn't take him long to realise that his true desire was to wander the forests, far away from the confines of an office.

Costa Rica, known for its stunning biodiversity, lush jungles, pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife—with 25% of the country protected—became a natural playground, and Jose's innate connection with nature led him to become an ecotourism guide in 2004, sharing his wisdom and passion for his homeland with visitors from around the globe.

Since then, Jose has been studying agriculture and immersing himself in the environment he guides tourists through. His expertise encompasses everything from frogs, birds, and flowers to soils and trees. Growing plants has been a constant companion throughout his journey, nurturing them in his home as he travels. Ten years ago, he obtained his permaculture certification and has since practised anthroposophical agriculture, harmonising human activity with the natural world.

Today, Jose finds himself renting a house on a community family farm in the Caribbean Coast, sharing this idyllic space with like-minded individuals. The farm’s owners and their elders, deeply rooted in herbalism, have a rich history of working on United Nations humanitarian projects. Within the community, workshops focus on alternative childcare, herbalism, and embracing homeschooling and home birthing. Expectant parents from neighbouring communities even come to live on the farm, choosing to give birth and raise their children within this nurturing environment. While life can take unexpected turns, Jose feels a deep sense of belonging among the people and land of this community farm.

Despite a rich and diverse background—a person who host Sergio describes as “doing all of the things”—Jose recognises the challenges of maintaining focus amidst his numerous passions. Music, coupled with a love for technology, often clashes with the demands of his ecotourism-centred life. For two decades, Jose has roamed from one place to another, never settling long enough to assemble a complete musical set. It was fitting, therefore, that it was around a fire pit in Mexico, amidst dancing and celebration, that Jose and Sergio first met, discovering their shared love for music, digital technology, the environment, and spirituality.

To Jose, spirituality serves as the bedrock of awareness—an invaluable lesson imparted by elders in indigenous communities. He believes that our larger society must relearn and embrace this wisdom. His personal spiritual connection forms the foundation of everything he does. He strives to instil in his clients an education and awareness that reconnects them with nature, ultimately helping them realise that everything they need can grow on their own land and benefit not only themselves but also the local community both environmentally and economically. In Jose's eyes, society has lost touch with nature's abundance and must rekindle a basic understanding of how to live in—and through—it once again.

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