We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 33 - Kymani Thomas

A spotlight on Kymani Thomas

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A spotlight on Kymani Thomas

09 Aug, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 33 - Kymani Thomas
In an intimate spotlight episode of the We Walk The Earth podcast, Kymani Thomas, the dynamic Afro-Indigenous, queer multi-instrumentalist and composer behind Dyad, takes centre stage to share their profound musical and spiritual journey.
The episode opens as Kymani reveals exciting upcoming travel plans to Portugal, where they will be performing their mesmerising musical project "Dyad" at the Agua Terra festival near the coastal city of Porto.

At the tender age of eight, Kymani's love for classical music ignited, leading him to devote himself to mastering the cello. The joy of playing the instrument was amplified by the positive feedback and support received from teachers and family, fueling their ambition as an overachieving Capricorn star sign. By twelve, Kymani boldly announced their dream of pursuing music in college, determined to prove to their loved ones that music was their true calling.

However, a turning point came in 2016 when Kymani found himself falling out of love with music, facing a crisis of identity. The world's turmoil and injustice felt at odds with the music they were creating, and Kymani stepped away from music for an entire year, grappling with uncertainty. In 2019, a heartfelt request from their partner Lexi brought Kymani back to the world of music, igniting the birth of Dyad.

Dyad emerged in Mexico — a compelling fusion of Kymani's classical background and their journey of decolonisation, rooted in ancestral connections and a profound appreciation for nature and spirits. The project's debut release, "Kind Lightning," delved into deep healing, while their latest song, "Solstice," channelled the voice of Kymani's late mother, marking a poignant personal transformation. Upcoming releases will showcase the power of afro-indigenous roots, as Dyad ventures into collaborative projects, including the incorporation of drums.

Kymani's profound connection with sound stems from a sensitive soul, allowing him to explore emotions through religion and music. The freedom to detach from classical music's overwhelming expectations liberated Kymani, sparking an ever-evolving musical journey that gave birth to Dyad's distinctive identity.

Days before the podcast episode, Kymani and Lexi mesmerised audiences with an intimate concert ritual. As Lexi created a painting with wax, Kymani's cello infused the space with an ethereal ambiance, captivating those in attendance. The ritual became a powerful act of devotion, a cherished moment of sharing their deepest selves in an entirely new public presentation.

The ritual is part of the Other Selves project, a mixed media artist duo founded by Kymani and Lexi. Their collaboration explores ancestral connections, the unity of natural elements, and the conscious use of materials, reaching beyond physical boundaries to evoke a profound sense of connection with the universe.

Reflecting on their transformative journey, Kymani invites listeners to join him on a soulful quest of expression, roots, and transformation. Episode 33 of the We Walk The Earth podcast invites you to delve into their captivating world, as they redefine their artistry and spiritual path.

Listen to the full episode to witness the evolution of Dyad, the power of self-expression, and the beauty of ancestral connections. Available now on all major podcast platforms.

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