We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 23 - A spotlight on Maxima Simons

A spotlight on Maxima Simons

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A spotlight on Maxima Simons

22 Mar, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 23 - A spotlight on Maxima Simons
Despite significant progress in recent years towards greater gender equality, the world today remains a patriarchal society in many ways.
Unfortunately, archaic attitudes and behaviours continue to have a hold over many aspects of society, from politics to education to our day-to-day workplace. These imbalances demonstrate that there is still much work to be done to achieve true equality and dismantling the systemic structures of patriarchy that remain — something that is all too familiar to We Walk The Earth guest, friend and founder of the Wumanas platform, Maxima Simons.

Maxima is no ordinary woman. When she was 19, she broke into aviation, a male-dominated industry where women continue to be significantly underrepresented — especially in technical roles such as pilots, engineers, and mechanics. Maxima worked her way up the ranks until she became the Captain of large scale commercial aircrafts. Her rise positioned her as a pioneer in Peruvian and Latin American aviation, and has paved the way for many others to follow in her footsteps today. Despite her success however, Maxima faced constant gender-based battles and suffered discrimination first-hand. Reflecting on how offended she was when an airport staff member assumed that her male co-pilot was the Captain, Maxima believes it is critical that we educate society about the power and role of women, and has made it her life’s work to help create a world with genuine equality for all.

After an intimate brunch with a friend, Maxima knew the time was right for something to be done. She subsequently founded Wumanas — an international, multidisciplinary platform of women which works towards establishing a more inclusive and fair environment for all. The platform began with seven talented artists offering a unified voice of rebirthing sisterhood, and has grown into an incredible network of women who have extensive and varied backgrounds, spanning designers, producers, entrepreneurs, ritualists, writers, visual artists, performers, healers and musicians. Together, they create and promote equal opportunities and professional development for women, non-binary and transgender artists and creators around the world.

Wumanas has grown from strength to strength and now boasts workshops, rituals, empowerment, experiences and environmental panels as part of its offering. By creating, producing and enabling gatherings and immersive events, Wumanas provides an empowering platform for women artists, helping to build greater self-confidence and develop better, more equal opportunities for those who would normally be overlooked.

On a personal level, Maxima also focuses on mentorship of young women through the Young Wumanas project, giving them a voice and providing a safe space to ask questions and explore sexuality and equal rights. Based on her own experience, Maxima believes older generations play a critical role in showing younger women that it’s okay to not have all of the answers, and that it’s in your 20s that you can discover who you are, what you want to do in life and is a time to be creative and curious.

To find out more about Maxima and her Wumanas platform, check out the latest episode of We Walk The Earth.


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