We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 35 - Moncaya

A spotlight on Moncaya

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A spotlight on Moncaya

06 Sep, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 35 - Moncaya
Introducing Moncaya, an extraordinary blend of musician, engineer, illustrator, and entrepreneur, whose creative odyssey has traversed unique paths.
After immersing herself in engineering studies, Moncaya's artistic journey veered toward her lifelong passion for music—an ardour ignited when her mother introduced her to violin classes at just 18 months old. Her unconventional trajectory saw her evolve from a traditional conservatory start to composing her own music by age 10.

As her creative spirit flourished, Moncaya realised the power of transcending technical mastery to create from the heart. While her skills spanned the violin, piano, and guitar, she embraced an intentional focus on infusing raw emotion into her compositions. This choice became a daily ritual—a celebration of imperfections and an invitation for others to join in the transformative art of self-expression through music.

While the sacredness of music initially deterred Moncaya from sharing her compositions, a pivotal moment during a 2017 ceremony in Brazil shifted her perspective. This epiphany underscored that her music was not just a personal solace but a healing balm meant for sharing. Moncaya's music became a bridge between her soul's yearning and a world seeking solace.

A passionate traveller with a deep love for Mexico, Moncaya's international family ties inspire her to embrace opportunities that align with her mission, values, and music. Amidst her affection for home, she prepares to embark on a music and yoga retreat in Ibiza—a cherished island that beckons her. This immersive experience melds qigong, yoga, and music to offer participants an exploration of rhythm, expression, and improvisation. For Moncaya, the collective energy and profound purpose of this retreat outweigh her love for home—a testament to her dedication to both hosting and experiencing healing spaces.

Moncaya's worldview embraces constant learning, recognizing that the essence of reality remains elusive. Through the vibrations of music and the practice of yoga, she finds herself perpetually evolving, mirroring the enigmatic essence of existence.

Her life mission, a dynamic beacon of purpose, propels her forward, forever evolving while remaining steadfast in its intent. Whether she's alone in a forest or amidst a vibrant party, Moncaya's multifaceted experiences all coalesce within the framework of her mission—a testament to the seamless integration of her passions.

Her spiritual journey has been a dance between form and essence. From moments of fixation on external forms to the realisation that they guide us toward deeper truths, Moncaya's artistry—especially in music—has been a profound teacher. She's transformed her initial reluctance toward aspects like social media into an authentic creative outlet that aligns with her genuine self.

For the past three years, Moncaya's creative odyssey has been dedicated to crafting her debut album—a venture marked by unexpected twists. What began as a serene acoustic compilation expanded into the realm of electronic music, embracing darker tones and uncharted territories. Each song within the album serves as a passage through veils and blind spots, a journey that led Moncaya to touch the surface of a profound darkness, discovering untapped potential within herself.

As she navigates the nuances of her shadows, transforming them into authentic art, Moncaya remains anchored in her mission—to heal through music. Every day, she shapes her existence with the purpose of alleviating suffering and nurturing well-being through her harmonies. This calling resonates deep within her, guiding her music as a beacon of positive change.

Join us for Episode 35 of We Walk The Earth, where Moncaya shares how her music has not only helped her but has also served as a guiding force for others on the human journey. "Finding Peace and Healing through Music and Art with Moncaya" is available now on all major podcast platforms.

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