We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 27 - Reclaiming Life and Being Human with Tamara Hamdan

A spotlight on Tamara Hamdan

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Guest Spotlight

A spotlight on Tamara Hamdan

17 May, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 27 - Reclaiming Life and Being Human with Tamara Hamdan
Sitting down with Sergio Isauro at We Walk The Earth, Tamara Hamdan explains how she has spent the last three years discovering new things about herself, comparing it to the feeling of hearing a new octave for the first time. “My best credential is living,” she explains — a testament to her open views on the value life offers.
Born as one of four siblings, Tamara grew up in California to Palestinian parents who had lived through the traumatic civil war in Lebanon and the creation of Israel, before emigrating from Amman, Jordan in their 20s.

Her familial heritage naturally had an ingrained impression on Tamara’s self-identity while growing up. She struggled to fully identify as either American or Palestinian, feeling instead that she sat somewhere in between. Years later, Tamara explains how it was this feeling of lacking a binary identity however, that has allowed her to move through time and space with more fluidity.

Having completed her undergrad degree, Tarmara left California and moved to New York where she lived for 15 years. She describes her time in the metropolitan city as both a home and a place of productivity and output for her work; a city where everyone walks at the speed of a video game character, constantly checking their watches to adhere to the time restrictions and limits the city places on its inhabitants.

Two years ago, Tamara made a life-changing decision to pack her bags and move to San Miguel in Mexico — the home of We Walk The Earth. She recounts how she was immediately impacted by her new surroundings, finding the bustling city as both disorientating and beautiful at the same time. Unlike the rigid demands surrounding work, achievement and advancement that New York conforms to, San Miguel poses a drastic contrast. The slower-paced lifestyle has allowed Tamara to be comfortable with “being quiet” and being able to simply sit and enjoy the company of others without needing to ‘do.’

Sergio and Tamara have known each other for a few years, with the We Walk The Earth host being welcomed into Tamara’s home for a few months last year. He describes Tamara’s home as having a special energy — something that Sergio aspires to have in his own life — and reminisces about the days they would speak for hours about their families, reflect on their ancestral roots, and enjoy a range of home cooked Palestinian dishes.

For Tamara personally, her home in Mexico has truly felt like her first home. Having only ever lived with her parents and small apartments in New York, Mexico has provided a canvas to express herself through art and her desire for space-making. Palestinian and Mexican culture both centre on togetherness — something Tamara has been quick to connect with.

One of the great opportunities afforded our generation has been the ability to look back on the actions of the past and speak openly about the good and the bad to shape our future. Tamara sees this as like going to a salad bar and picking only the bits that you want to put on your plate. Particularly as a woman, she is inherently thankful that we are starting to retire the stigma attached to what ‘success’ looks like — by the time she chooses to have children for example, she will have lived twice as long as her mother who had her first child in her early 20s.

In our ever-changing world, embracing technological advancements can be a complex journey. Tamara reflects on her own resistance to virtual reality and questions her place in the Metaverse, drawing parallels to her parents' resistance to new technology which she had struggled to understand until now. However, her appreciation for social media reflects her own desire for connection and the captivating experiences it offers, allowing her to connect with friends, engage with talented creators, and create a greater sense of connection in a constantly evolving landscape.

Find out more about Tamara by listening to Episode 27 of We Walk The Earth, “Reclaiming Life and Being Human with Tamara Hamdan” — available wherever you get your podcasts.

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