We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 24 - Alexa Gantous Guest Bio

Alexa Gantous Guest Bio

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Guest Bio

Alexa Gantous Guest Bio

07 Apr, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 24 - Alexa Gantous Guest Bio
Alexa Gantous is a creative strategist focused on ecological innovation and cultural systems change. Having studied Strategic Design and Business Management at the Parsons School of Design, she became aware very early on that she wanted to apply her learnings to environmentalism. It therefore came as no surprise when she used her design skills and passion for sound to host trashtalk*studio — a podcast exploring the emotional, cultural and spiritual dimensions of ecological consciousness.

For Alexa, the podcast was only part of what she wanted to do. Reflecting on her ambitions, she voices how she sees herself continually evolving and moving into new projects. She is the co-founder of LitterRally, a mobile trash pickup dance party that began in the streets of Brooklyn, and her most recent project, Suena, has found her connecting with and exploring the urban spaces around Mexico. The non-profit organisation works in collaboration with Splice to create sonic maps of ecosystems, designing location-specific sound experiences, alongside award-winning musicians and local conservation initiatives.

Alongside her other projects, Alexa develops brand and communications strategies for a diverse set of clients, both as part of the team at UME and as an independent consultant, and is a keen and dedicated practitioner of yoga.

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