We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 30 - Daniel Lofredo Rota

Daniel Lofredo Rota Guest Bio

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Daniel Lofredo Rota Guest Bio

29 Jun, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 30 - Daniel Lofredo Rota
Daniel Lofredo Rota is an Ecuadorian Producer / DJ, writer, and multidisciplinary artist also known as Quixosis. His work is a curious exploration of the limits; with a unique self taught approach.

Quixosis mixes electronic rhythms from the frenetic to meditative. Mixing underground club grooves from all over the globe, Quixosis is an energy flow that seeks the sublime through broken rhythms that integrate the roots of music, seeking the future through the past. He has established himself as a pioneering voice in latin america’s growing electronic music scene. From 2020 he was a resident of the London based radio station, Worldwide FM.

As an archivist and investigator, he has worked on the restoration of a reissue of the CAIFE Records catalog, which was founded by his estranged grandfather who progressively buried its master tapes under tons of newspaper in his office. That’s where Daniel found them 45 years later, in 2014. The catalog represents the best recordings of Ecuadorian music from the 1960s. Since 2019 Daniel has worked with Honest Jon’s Records (UK) to print a series of records showcasing the best of the CAIFE label. 4 double vinyl LPs have been released so far.

Daniel is the writer and host of Sonido Perdido, A Spotify original podcast uncovering the story of CAIFE Records. Currently, Daniel is working on launching a new podcast, called Canal Confidente, based on the eponymous English language podcast, the secrets hotline. He is also working on new archival music reissues with Honest Jon’s Records, and his own musical explorations, including the release of two albums this summer.

Sonido Perdido on Spotify
CAIFE The Lost Sound (English version)
Canal Confidente
Quixosis on Spotify
Instagram: @quixosis

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