We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 32 - Jose Pablo Fernandez

Jose Pablo Fernandez Guest Bio

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Jose Pablo Fernandez Guest Bio

26 Jul, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 32 - Jose Pablo Fernandez
Jose Pablo Fernandez has devoted over 19 years to ecological projects in Costa Rica as a permaculture designer, landscape designer, and environmental educator. Alongside his environmental pursuits, Jose also thrives in the music scene, showcasing his talent as an electronic DJ, producer, and ceremonial musician under the alias "Fauno."

As a landscape designer, Jose creates ecosystemic gardens that not only provide sustenance for humans but also serve as havens and sources of nourishment for native wildlife.

Fuelled by his passion for permaculture, he established "Holograma Permacultura," an initiative focused on developing agro ecological farms, intentional community projects, and self-sufficient homesteads. Additionally, he actively promotes cultural agro-ecotourism, facilitating immersive experiences across permaculture farms, rural communities, and indigenous territories. Over the years, Jose has successfully managed several farms and permaculture schools, including Punta Mona Center and Finca La Flor.

Certified in Analog Forestry, Jose offers valuable consultations and training on this ecological restoration and food forest design approach. He also imparts his knowledge through Permaculture Certification Courses (PDC), enabling others to learn about permaculture principles and spread awareness. An engaged member of the Red Permanezca, the Costa Rican permaculture network, Jose actively contributes to organising national permaculture convergences, seed exchanges, and courses.

Currently, Jose serves as the president and co-founder of Guardianes del Bosque Association, dedicated to enhancing rainforest conservation and promoting regenerative development along Costa Rica's Caribbean coast.

Moreover, Jose holds certification as a naturalist tour guide, sharing his extensive knowledge and providing educational experiences for nearly two decades. These experiences offer a unique opportunity to delve into Costa Rica's tropical ecosystems, including its national parks and biological reserves.

Whether you're interested in engaging with eco projects in Costa Rica or seeking an authentic environmentally friendly and tranquil experience in the country, Jose is the go-to person to connect with.

Follow Jose on Instagram @fauno.holoperma or for his music follow @fauno.musik
Write to Jose at guardianescorredor@gmail.com
Follow the Holograma Permcultura Facebook page
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