We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 23 - Maxima Simons Guest Bio

Maxima Simons Guest Bio

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Guest Bio

Maxima Simons Guest Bio

25 Mar, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 23 - Maxima Simons Guest Bio
Maxima Simons, was born in Peru and grew up surrounded by activities erroneously dubbed as "masculine”. She found herself drawn to and participating in adventure sports, and it was her participation in these activities that brought new perspectives to those who surrounded her — a woman possessing skills in disciplines such as motocross or water skiing was previously almost non-existent.

At the age of 19, Maxima started her aeronautical training, and began her successful career in aviation following her graduation when she turned 21. Starting as a Loadmaster, Maxima quickly progressed through the ranks to become Captain of large scale commercial aircrafts, paving her way into the field as a pioneer in Peruvian and Latin American aviation for both women and young pilots who were inspired by her work and impeccable career. After almost 20 years of crossing the seas and various continents as Captain in Command, Maxima left aviation on a hiatus to dedicate herself to motherhood.

Her activist flame led her to found Wumanas — an international multidisciplinary platform that works towards a more inclusive and fair environment for all by creating and promoting opportunities and professional development for women, non-binary and transgender identifying artists and creators around the world.

Wumanas - www.wumanas.net/
Wumanas IG - www.instagram.com/wumanas_/

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