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Moncaya Guest Bio

06 Sep, 2023
We Walk The Earth | Reads | Episode 35 - Moncaya
Moncaya encompasses a multitude of roles: an engineer, entrepreneur, illustrator, and musician. For five years, she dedicated herself to developing technology for conflict resolution and peace building in war-torn countries such as Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria, and Tunisia. Despite her global pursuits, she found a steadfast home in a quaint Spanish village of 80 residents, residing there until her journey brought her to Mexico in 2019.

In 2018, Moncaya penned and illustrated "A la Sombra del Olivo," a poignant tale centered on a young girl's quest for solace in war-ravaged Syria. The book, published in London, has garnered distribution across Europe, Syria, and Palestine, amplifying its message of resilience and hope.

From a young age, Moncaya's affinity for music flourished as she mastered the piano, violin, and guitar. An orchestral journey took her from Madrid to London and Beijing. A delightful tidbit: at the tender age of 10, she took the stage as a child opera singer at Madrid's Teatro Real, leaving an indelible mark during three vibrant seasons. Over a decade, she has honed her composition skills, culminating in a transformative musical venture launched amid the lockdown of June 2020. Through this project, Moncaya intertwines indigenous melodies, folk sensibilities, and rhythmic loops to birth a unique auditory experience—imbued with the echoes of our primal roots.

Moncaya's musical odyssey encompasses genres ranging from folk to electro-pop, each composition a sonic prayer for connection, consciousness, and evolution. By melding electronic and organic elements, she pioneers a novel genre, enriching our perception and evoking a nostalgia for our most genuine origins.

Discover more about Moncaya at moncayamusic.com/epk

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